Thursday, November 25, 2010

How to Subscribe to My Blog

A lot of folks have told me that they enjoy reading my blog, but they do not have have the patience/time/inclination to remember to go to my blog everyday and check for updates. That's perfectly reasonable, and the perfect solution to this problem is to subscribe to my blog via RSS.

RSS will take all of the entries generated by my blog and put them into a feed reader, where you can read every blog that you like to read in the same place all together. That way, you won't miss a post, but you can read all of the updates at your own pace. I like to use Google Reader, but anyone will do.

If you look at my blog on the top right, there are the words "Subscribe To." Click the drop down menu under the word "Posts." Then click on the feed reader that you would like to use. If you already have a google account, like gmail, you can use the same log-in for Google Reader. If you are unsure, click "Atom" at the bottom. You will be asked to confirm your subscription and then you will be all set!

This post from also does a great job explaining feed readers. Happy Following!

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